Loop de loop

On the road again. This time, in a new toy. A 1993 21′ Winnebago Warrior, aka a “minnie winnie”. We just got back from a loop around Lake Michigan, where the RV was given the opportunity to display its comforts and road manners. It did very well in both departments. Mayo very much enjoyed having several lounging spots while underway, and I enjoyed the luxuries of a real bed and microwave oven in undeveloped campsites. The photo is of the RV parked at the Old Veterans Lake State Park in northeast Wisconsin, near Crivitz. We had the park completely to ourselves–a definite benefit of camping early in the season (the flipside of which is that most of the campgrounds are closed and chained off).


Speaking of Mayo, here she is, in all of her moochily goodness. Pretty cute doggie, hmm? She seems to think so. This photo is from the Fishermans Island State Park near Charlevoix, MI. We had this place to ourselves as well, except for a few remarkably well-fed raccoons and some bored local teens.


Now we’re just waiting for a replacement fridge for the RV (one that can run without either the RV being level or the generator running). Once it arrives, we’re off to Alaska.

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5 Responses to Loop de loop

  1. Alexander J. says:

    sweet ride, joviko!

    but i wanna see a picture of the new wii in the new rv

    i think nacewicz is the current lab champ of wii’ing…we set his rig up in anderle’s basement a while ago using a digi projector to project the wii onto a king sized sheet duct taped to one wall

    pretty cool

    anderle, btw, is now mister married anderle…

  2. joviko says:

    Dude, seriously, I was planning to put the Wii in the Winnii, but there’s just no room to flail around in there; I’m constantly tripping over Mayo as it is. Maybe the PS2…

    Besides, the whole point of this is not to stay in the rig and interact with various electronica. So, no sat TV/net, no slingbox, no tivo, no cellmodem. Gah, I’m going through withdrawl just thinking about it. I’ll still have the lappie and Juno dialup, and web surfing on the cell phone. OK, I can breathe again.

  3. Aaron says:

    Mmm… Shiny RV… How does the toyota handle the load of the RV? Does is drive well, or is it a pig. I’ve always assumed RV’s are pigs, but have never actually driven one. Enjoy the trip to AK.

  4. aclare says:

    Oooh, real bed – very important! Not to mention someplace for Mayo to stretch her legs. Now, this time, keep up the blogging!! (I know, I know, taking a vacation from technology, but still….)

  5. Michael J. says:

    a man, a rv, and his dog. what a beautiful thing…

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