Litter Barrel Ahead

Dateline: Whitehorse

[Editor’s note: This picture expressed our writer’s attitude to a tee, so our hard-working staff have slipped it in for him.] No picture today. I’m pooped and slacking. The drive today was a little shorter and jaw-dropping gorgeous, so there are probably some pretty good pictures on the camera. One or two might show up tomorrow if I’m feeling more ambitious.

I’ve finally realized that “Litter Barrel Ahead” is Canadian for “Really interesting spot ahead; we’ve taken the liberty of creating a pullout near it and placing a bear-proof dumpster there so you can easily find it, if you’d like to stop and take a look–or not if you don’t want to.” They don’t overload it with words like “scenic overlook” or “vista” or “wildlife viewpoint“. They leave the superlatives up to you, and just give you the opportunity to look and judge for yourself. Thanks, Canadians! I like your style!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Yes, I called mine, and we had a very nice talk.

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  1. amclare says:

    Ah, back at work, where I can check the ‘net. (DSL router died at my house; went to BestBuy and they sold me a cable modem instead and I was afraid if I took it back right then I’d start beating them about the head and shoulders with it.)

    Yes, I shouldn’t complain to the man who’s doing his blogging with dial-up, and who is providing me with vicarious travel adventures. Great pics so far – and a very high critter count! Aren’t too bear-proof barrels something?

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