First night in the TentCot

Well, I did a trial run of sleeping in the TentCot last night. Inside, in my apartment. Not too bad, but it is very firm and I need to find a pad of some sort. Also, it is a little like sleeping in a coffin, which I have yet to get used to. Mayo refused to stay in it for more than a moment, even though there was room for her at the foot. I think it might be because she didn’t have free access through the side opening. There’s another opening at the head, so tonight I’ll turn the TC around and let her have the open end. (The things I do for that dog.) Luckily, the ends are identical except that one end opens and the other end doesn’t. Oh, and the opening end also has the “skylight”. And the drink holder. I guess they’re not so identical. I am pretty impressed with the design of the TC overall. There are a lot of thoughtful touches and many storage crannies, just like a well-executed minivan. It is very solid and stable. Of course, it is also very heavy and bulky. I still haven’t figured out a good way to attach it to the outside of the Jeep, but it might be workable if I put the roof rack back on and strap the TC’s bag to the rack’s rear risers. We’ll see.

I did get a little cold in the middle of the night. But I didn’t turn on the apartment heater and was using fewer blankets than usual. I think that another blanket, the to-be-purchased pad, and a dog on my feet should help a lot. I’d guess that if I totally zip the TC up, it’ll be very warm in there, and pretty stuffy too.

The other thing I wanted to try was reading in bed and doing crossword puzzles. I nestled the fluourescent light next to my pillow, switched it to one-tube mode, and everything worked well. Even solving puzzles was doable.

Go Colts! Should be a great SuperBowl this year, da Bears and Indy. I can’t remember the last one I was excited about; probably all the way back when Brett and the boys were still seriously in the hunt.

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  1. joviko says:

    Next thing you know, Mayo will want some Dog Beer!

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